domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

LS logo

Hey there.

Just a quick sketch that I'm doing all around the "Life's String" photo-novel's logo.
Since I studied Graphic Design I'm just trying to come up with something cool. I'm having some really good ideas, but I need to add an image/photo to be able to do it. You'll see very soon.
Anyway, I'm trying to put Natacha and Ana to work with me on this blog. Let's see how things go.
I'm really sorry about the quality. It's just a preview so you can have an idea.

I've got a cold this weekend. Weather here in Eire keeps on changing all the time... from sun with wind to cold with clouds to sun with no wind at all. It is really 4 season in one day. Man, gotta love this contry! Going to bed now, tomorrow I'm working... unfortunately.
See you.

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