quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2009

1st Steps

Good evening everyone!

So, this project has to be all re-done. All from scratch.
I'll try my best to start writing down a background for all the main characters. There will be 3 main characters and I'll create a story for each one of them so they can have a strong basis to develop themselves as the story goes on.

It's going to be really interesting =D

I just have no time to work on it. Things at the company are going wild which means I have no time for nothing once I get home...
I'll do my best. Tomorrow I'm off. I'll get some sleep, gym and clean my room/house... damn T_T


segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2009


Hi again.

Very well Ana, thank you very much for all the posts.
I do think Ana finds quite strange the fact that I'm calling myself Joel since she calls me Pedro ever since she knew me. Anyway, for internacional stuff I'd rather use Joel (it's my name aswell, sorry... it's not like I'm making it up) it's not so "latino".

So, I'm 21 (the youngest in the group) currently living in Dulbin, Ireland and enjoying it a lot. I was born in Differdange, Luxembourg and moved to Portugal when I was a young lad.
I studied Graphic Design for 3 years in Portugal with one of the best portuguese designers and some really good teachers aswell. I got loads of experience from them. I do LOVE photography and fashion and I'll try to be part of these 2 worlds in the nearby future (not as a model, that's for sure). Even though I'm not working in any area related to arts, I do keep the love for it and the intention to be part of it one day.

I really think that we should move on with this project. After trying so many times to ressurect it, I decided to create the blog so we could share stuff between us 3 and with any reader or someone that finds it interesting.

I'm going to highlight the fact that the blog won't be all based on Life's String project (even though it's the main project) but it will be about other projects aswell.

Ana, anytime I write in red it will be about anything relating the Life's String project. Grey color for normal stuff and other colors will have its own project.

So, just waiting for Natacha to accept my invitation to be part of the blog, and we will start posting some cool things.

Take care.

edit by J: I won't be doing anything for the LS project today. I have way to many things to do at home. I'll try it tomorrow. See you.


Well, I created a very fast banner because I wanted to link this blog from my other blogs.
Joel, if you decide to do one, please be my guest. Mine was done with the image you gave me so it's limited.
Life's String

edit by J: no prob Ana. it is a very good idea indeed. I'm just not that used to the blogger anyway. I'll try to improve that banner just a little. Thanks. J*
edit2 by J: Ana, you can use these asw
ell if you want.

How it all started

I thought it would be fun to let you know how this whole thing started.
Joel and Natacha, feel free to contradict me on something I say wrong, because my memory is made os clay, and it changes with time.

A few years ago (Joel and Natacha probably have a better memory for dates), the three of us decided to go ahead and start something together. The original idea was to create a movie and the original title was not "Life's String", but that was surely one of the first options.
There were various reasons why, in the end, we decided to actually make a Photo-Novel instead of a movie, one of which was the fact that none of us had a camera to film the thing. Also, we all agreed that a Photo-Novel would look cool and take less resources (in terms of setting).

We had meetings a couple of times and we even performed some of the scenes (most of wich won't even appear at the finished story, much to my sadness).
We decided on the main characters, the main story and Natacha took notes on these important elements.
After a while, and due to some misunderstandings (I'm guilty here) and also due to LIFE, we ended up post-poning the whole thing and barely ever talked about it for a long time.
This lasted until Joel brought it up again this month, and I guessed none of us actually forgot about it because now we want to start over again and move this forward.

Life's String will be experimental, different and promisses to be lots of fun (otherwise I doubt any of us would waste time on it)!
I do hope this time we move forward and enjoy this to its fullest.
At this first stage we will plan this baby from scratch and later on we will go to the real battle ... the photo shot!

Here's to hoping we all have the greatest time working together and we create something that will stune the World! Becasue WE think big!

By the way, Joel and Natacha I challenge you to introduce yourselfs arund here and leave your ideas and thoughts on Life's String present and past. 1,2,3 ... GO!

Ana's little monologue

Well, welll ... I can't say how surprised I was that Joel (as he wants to be called) actually created this blog. This will surely make us go a little faster in this project.
But I leave that for another post ...
My name is Ana C. Nunes (not hard to figure out, right?) , I'm 25 and I'm of the three members that founded the project now known as "Life's String".
I'm an amateur writer, illustrator and a few other things that don't really matter.
I have a handfull of blogs under my care, but here are the most important ones:
Caneta, papel e Lápis - a portuguese blog about (my) writing;
Spriritus-alas - another portuguese blog with my drawings, paintings and illustrations;
DreamGazer Studios - an english blog for the comics and graphic novels Natacha and I produce.
I also run a few sites, but you can acess those through any of the blogs mentioned above.

I hope to actively contribute to this blog, and most of all, to the project at hand.
This promisses to be fun!

domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

LS logo

Hey there.

Just a quick sketch that I'm doing all around the "Life's String" photo-novel's logo.
Since I studied Graphic Design I'm just trying to come up with something cool. I'm having some really good ideas, but I need to add an image/photo to be able to do it. You'll see very soon.
Anyway, I'm trying to put Natacha and Ana to work with me on this blog. Let's see how things go.
I'm really sorry about the quality. It's just a preview so you can have an idea.

I've got a cold this weekend. Weather here in Eire keeps on changing all the time... from sun with wind to cold with clouds to sun with no wind at all. It is really 4 season in one day. Man, gotta love this contry! Going to bed now, tomorrow I'm working... unfortunately.
See you.

As always, any work posted here belongs to Under the Silver Moon [USM] project and its owners. So, you have NO authorization to use it in any single way without our written permition. If not respected, legal actions will be taken.

quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2009


Ok, so, this is one step closer to nothing, hope not.
I'll just share random things about the day-by-day and post some projects that are under development obviously.
It's really weird to expose "myself" to the world like this. Specially now that I thought I'd express better with written words...

I'm going to name myself as Joel and this might be the beggining of a great project.

Welcome to the Under the Silver Moon project or just [USM].