segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2009

Ana's little monologue

Well, welll ... I can't say how surprised I was that Joel (as he wants to be called) actually created this blog. This will surely make us go a little faster in this project.
But I leave that for another post ...
My name is Ana C. Nunes (not hard to figure out, right?) , I'm 25 and I'm of the three members that founded the project now known as "Life's String".
I'm an amateur writer, illustrator and a few other things that don't really matter.
I have a handfull of blogs under my care, but here are the most important ones:
Caneta, papel e Lápis - a portuguese blog about (my) writing;
Spriritus-alas - another portuguese blog with my drawings, paintings and illustrations;
DreamGazer Studios - an english blog for the comics and graphic novels Natacha and I produce.
I also run a few sites, but you can acess those through any of the blogs mentioned above.

I hope to actively contribute to this blog, and most of all, to the project at hand.
This promisses to be fun!

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