segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2009


Hi again.

Very well Ana, thank you very much for all the posts.
I do think Ana finds quite strange the fact that I'm calling myself Joel since she calls me Pedro ever since she knew me. Anyway, for internacional stuff I'd rather use Joel (it's my name aswell, sorry... it's not like I'm making it up) it's not so "latino".

So, I'm 21 (the youngest in the group) currently living in Dulbin, Ireland and enjoying it a lot. I was born in Differdange, Luxembourg and moved to Portugal when I was a young lad.
I studied Graphic Design for 3 years in Portugal with one of the best portuguese designers and some really good teachers aswell. I got loads of experience from them. I do LOVE photography and fashion and I'll try to be part of these 2 worlds in the nearby future (not as a model, that's for sure). Even though I'm not working in any area related to arts, I do keep the love for it and the intention to be part of it one day.

I really think that we should move on with this project. After trying so many times to ressurect it, I decided to create the blog so we could share stuff between us 3 and with any reader or someone that finds it interesting.

I'm going to highlight the fact that the blog won't be all based on Life's String project (even though it's the main project) but it will be about other projects aswell.

Ana, anytime I write in red it will be about anything relating the Life's String project. Grey color for normal stuff and other colors will have its own project.

So, just waiting for Natacha to accept my invitation to be part of the blog, and we will start posting some cool things.

Take care.

edit by J: I won't be doing anything for the LS project today. I have way to many things to do at home. I'll try it tomorrow. See you.

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